Elizabeth, Queen of Fiji? By Graham Davis

On Monday Fiji celebrates the Queen’s official birthday with  a holiday. Graham Davis asks whether her status as Queen of Fiji should be considered during the Constitution review process  # 89 ELIZABETH, QUEEN… Continue reading

On Election Candidates by Masi

In an earlier article “Leadership and Ratu Sukuna” (click here) Masi considered leadership qualities. In this article he asks about leadership in the forthcoming 2014 elections. The Government has ‘opened up the national… Continue reading

The Big Question of Immunity By Crosbie Walsh*

                       The big question that hovers over the forthcoming Constitution Commission and indeed over all events leading up to and including the election… Continue reading

News and Comments Wednesday 6 June 2014

• Who’s paying? • Questions for the Constitution Commission • Who should appoint judges • Fiji’s new diplomatic relations • Election Office review • The Namosi JV donation • Mason Smith resigns •… Continue reading

News and Comments Monday 4 June 2012

• What is balance? • What Qarase wants • What Ghai wants • Permits? • Lawyer guilty • Ausaid to Tailevu WHAT IS BALANCE?  One reader persists in saying my blog is not balanced,… Continue reading

Lockington’s Everyday Fiji … Life Goes On

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind… Continue reading

What to Do About Poverty and Destitution in Fiji by Crosbie Walsh

In 2004 I gave a public lecture at USP that was so badly reported by the Fiji Times that I was attacked in Senate by the Rev. Tomasi Kanailagi for agreeing with Mick… Continue reading

What We Need to Grow the Economy by Biman Prasad

This is the second half of Professor Biman Prasad’s address to the Fiji Fuel Retailers Association Annual General Meeting on  May 23rd. After reviewing unsatisfactory levels of growth and shortcomings in the sugar… Continue reading

On Leadership Qualities and Ratu Sukuna by Masi

Ratu Sukuna   At its small stall at the 2011 Suva Hibiscus Festival, the NGO Pacific Dialogue displayed a range of unlabelled leaders’ photographs. For a Lucky Dip prize, passers-by were invited to… Continue reading

Another ‘Democrat’ Speaks Out

Enemy of the people has left a new comment on your post “News and Comments Friday June 1, 2014“: crozYou are an enemy of the Fijian people. Come back to Fiji when it… Continue reading