Ideas on Constitutional and Electoral Reforms I

 Satendra made these suggestions as a comment to a posting that has now moved down the page and will soon drift into obscurity. That is why I would prefer readers to use the… Continue reading

Not Dead Yet

I can’t remember who it was who said “The news of my death is greatly exaggerated” but I thank Fiji Today for their concerned heading, “Croz, where are you?”  with the further note… Continue reading

News and Comments Tuesday 26 June 2012

Col, Mosese Tikoitoga If any reader is having difficulties posting comments, please let me know, ►Click to read.THE MILITARY AND THE CONSTITUTION COMMISSION. The military,  of course, will also be making submissions.… Continue reading

Qarase Emergent: From Pupa to Butterfly

Pupa to butterfly Watching the slow metamorphosis of former PM Laisenia Qarase from pupa to butterfly may well soon be a spectator sport► Click to read. After lying dormant for a year or two, he’s… Continue reading

Fiji at the UN: Small Country, Big Voice

The sight of Fiji’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Peter Thomson, chairing the General Assembly is yet another reminder that although Fiji is a relatively small country, it punches way above its… Continue reading

Lockington’s Everyday Fiji … Life Goes On

              Go Local Fiji has beautiful beaches and land marks that are just sitting there in our back yards which tourists pay to visit. And yet we, the… Continue reading

The New Forum

I was hoping the new forum would assist people to think about the new constitution and prepare submissions for the Constitution Commission. I also thought  the collection of opinions on separate issues could… Continue reading

Mining Dilemma

The Amex lease at Lautoka  Mining, and especially opencast and submarine mining, always raises issues that only specialists can answer. A new mine will create jobs, royalties for landowners, income for shareholders, tax… Continue reading

RFMF: Our Role

Yesterday I queried the PM’s statement that the RFMF would continue to monitor events after the 2014 election. While this does not necessarily presume the military will “stand over” or attempt to reshape… Continue reading

Announcement: Find Your Way Around The New Format

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